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Whether you are a Colorado native or a transplant, chances are you love this state and all it has to offer. Just take a look at the number of 4-wheel drive vehicles and name brand hiking jackets around and you know that Coloradans are an adventurous group. We explore the Rockies in a variety of ways including hiking, camping, and skiing just to name a few. 

But think for a moment, would you ever go on a 5 mile hike without taking water? Would you ever go camping without a tent? Would you ever hit the slopes without your skis or board? Never, those things are essential!

So why would you live in this beautiful state, partaking in all it has to offer, without having the essentials you need for your life’s path? Just as you would never go backpacking up a fourteener without your GPS or at the very least a working knowledge of the trail, it is equally important for you to have an estate plan in place should you need it. Just like you should always have an emergency kit in your car in case you get caught in a blizzard, you need to have a plan designed to take care of you and those you love if something unexpected happens.  

At Right Law Group, our estate planning lawyers work alongside you to design an estate plan that allows you to explore all life has to offer with the confidence that you and your loved ones are protected. So go ahead and plan that camping or ski trip, or even try skydiving! We will take care of the rest.

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planning for the road ahead

At Right Law Group, we understand that meeting with an estate planning lawyer may seem unnecessary when you are younger or just starting a family, but our design packages are about so much more than who gets what when you pass on.

Our plans address important medical, financial, and practical decisions that may arise at any time during your life as well as discussing issues that happen later down the road,

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Understanding the Role of Estate Planning

Estate planning is about more than determining inheritances.  Marriages, adoptions, kids going to college, taking overseas vacations and even trips to the doctor all have a level of estate planning involved. Having the right documents in place makes these events easier to navigate by taking the stress and uncertainty out of the picture so you can focus on what really matters. 

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Do not leave your journey up to chance. Reach out to talk with an attorney who cares about protecting the things you love. To begin designing your unique path, call 719-822-6227 or send us an email to learn more. Let’s make sure you are protected so that you can fully enjoy your life!

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“They were amazing. Alexis did an unbelievable job and I would recommend her and the rest of the team hands down any day!”
– Scott
“Alexis is always available to her clients! After hours, weekends, it doesn’t matter; she’ll answer your call. She cares more about helping people than she does her bottom line. If you need someone who doesn’t just represent you, but also actually cares about you, Right Law Group is for you.”
– Becca
“Right Law Group is an amazing law firm. They were on top of everything and any time you had a question they answered it. I definitely recommend it to anyone to call and use them for their cases.”
– Austin


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